Accountability & Transparency

With my background in nonprofit accounting and operations, I’m well-versed in reviewing budgets and making sure spending is done responsibly. My priority is ensuring that we’re spending responsibly so the projects we spend on now don’t compromise our long-term needs. By making sure we maintain an adequate surplus, we can ensure that community programs are not threatened in the future. 

Safe Streets, Sidewalks and Intersections

As a small city with heavy traffic, we are in a unique position here in Hyattsville. In Ward 3 alone, we have highways, a mall and suburban enclaves. While each part of our Ward has starkly different infrastructure challenges, my main priority is making sure everyone has smooth, convenient commutes while making sure our residential streets are safe for families, children and pets.

Public Transit

WMATA has repeatedly threatened service cuts to the region. Public transit is extremely vital to the community – whether we’re commuting to work, visiting local businesses, or just traveling to see friends and family. I promise to fight to ensure public transit remains funded and service levels are maintained to serve the needs of the  city of Hyattsville. 

Ensuring Our Tax Dollars Serve the Community

When planning for the future of our city, I want to make sure residents are always the priority. Too often, incentives are given to developers and speculators while residents and local businesses pay the price. On the council, I will ensure that our tax dollars are used on projects and programs that enrich the lives of our city’s families and seniors.

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