James Wigley for Hyattsville City Council

I am running for Hyattsville City Council because I want to ensure the prosperity of our city benefits the residents of our community. In my job as a nonprofit administrator, I ensure transparency in budgeting and vendor selection. As your councilperson, I want to bring that same transparency to the city government. I am a passionate advocate for social justice and economic opportunity, and I will always prioritize listening to the needs of Ward 2 residents (click here to send me a message).  If elected, I will ensure Ward 2 residents’ voices are heard by city and county leadership. I will be a tireless advocate in the fight against Metro’s attempts to reduce public transit in our city. I will ensure community programs remain a priority, and I will make sure that our parks and greenspace are protected for future generations. I love this city, and I would be grateful for the opportunity to help Hyattsville thrive.

James Wigley for Ward 2